The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It! Have you ever tried to create an artwork in a realistic style and it looked really funny? You could get away with saying "well, I meant for it to look that way", but the difficulties you're experiencing could very well stem from poor drawing skills. … [Read more...]

It is perfect!

It's picture perfect! When I was little, I couldn't play with other kids because of my disability. My mom would always try to find ways to occupy my time so I wouldn't get lonely. The easiest thing she could do was to give me a paper and pencil. That's when my art career started. In the beginning, I would usually draw things I liked, like trees, roses and female faces with lots of makeup (there was a specific commercial I loved watching where a woman would show how she applied her makeup. My female faces would always start out plain and I would draw the makeup on in steps just like the gal on TV). After a while I started really looking at objects around me like rocks, dead leaves and bugs. I could literally draw flies! Even … [Read more...]