Start Before You Finish

Occasionally I get bored with a painting I'm working on. I work so slow it seems like I will never get it finished. But I have this weird mind-set that I have to finish every painting I start before I will start another one. I can't stand leaving something unfinished, so I have to find ways to turn that nagging feeling around. The only way I would consider pausing my work is if I needed to create something else sooner. Believe me, sometimes having to work on another piece while I'm stuck with the boring one is a welcome situation. The good thing is, though, is that there are always ways to change your process of thinking and bring about more interest into something that feels overly tedious. … [Read more...]

Focusing on the Difference

Sometimes I like to make up little projects to challenge myself. I became interested in Art Cards, which are the size of a baseball card and artists trade and sell these tiny originals. I thought painting smaller would be easier for me, but I was wrong. Working that small was pretty tough on my eyes, and it's much harder to do my kind of detail. My original plan was to create one art card a month, but I ended up making only 4 cards total. … [Read more...]

You Are Ready

  One of the fascinating things about creating art is the joy it can bring to the artist and it's viewers. The artist is allowed to express natural forms of emotional communication, while the viewer is invited on a journey of limitless possibilities. Necessarily art has been a major force throughout my entire life. If I did not have this one outlet I would've never been as strong as I am. … [Read more...]

The Power of Color

One of the main components attracting people to art is color. While I don't have any scientific facts to prove this statement, I can tell by viewer reactions to my work that it is a truth. Criticism of my work always terrified me. I was afraid to do anything that wasn't the accepted practice, such as the grass is green and the sky is blue. … [Read more...]

Use Your Head

Have you ever cleared a spot of time in your day just to create a piece of art, and your mind seemed totally blank? Are you a little too familiar with artists block? I can assure you it's happened to all of us creative's at one time or another. In my case, I have very limited free time because I have to work my schedule around caregivers. I may plan the best way to use my time, but wouldn't you know the part of my brain where the ideas are stored is as dry as a bone! … [Read more...]

The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It! Have you ever tried to create an artwork in a realistic style and it looked really funny? You could get away with saying "well, I meant for it to look that way", but the difficulties you're experiencing could very well stem from poor drawing skills. … [Read more...]

It is perfect!

It's picture perfect! When I was little, I couldn't play with other kids because of my disability. My mom would always try to find ways to occupy my time so I wouldn't get lonely. The easiest thing she could do was to give me a paper and pencil. That's when my art career started. In the beginning, I would usually draw things I liked, like trees, roses and female faces with lots of makeup (there was a specific commercial I loved watching where a woman would show how she applied her makeup. My female faces would always start out plain and I would draw the makeup on in steps just like the gal on TV). After a while I started really looking at objects around me like rocks, dead leaves and bugs. I could literally draw flies! Even … [Read more...]