You Are Ready


One of the fascinating things about creating art is the joy it can bring to the artist and it’s viewers. The artist is allowed to express natural forms of emotional communication, while the viewer is invited on a journey of limitless possibilities. Necessarily art has been a major force throughout my entire life. If I did not have this one outlet I would’ve never been as strong as I am.


Now it’s time for you to get your feet wet (or paintbrushes!) If you are curious to feel the power of creation, there are many ways you can prepare yourself to get in the mindset of making your masterpiece. I want you to enjoy your art experience.

Get yourself ready. Have all of your materials close to you such as all the colors, brushes and resources like models, photographs, etc.. When you feel prepared and comfortable, try this little exercise: for one whole minute, imagine that everything in the world is okay… Feel it, believe it. You are free in your space to create anything you want.

Start slow if you like and take time to build your message. Or you can start out full force, applying colors that you would not use normally, blending and shaping your statement. There’s really nothing to hold you back unless you have self-imposed restrictions. Create as though it’s the best piece of work you’ve ever done. Show us what you’ve got if you feel like sharing, and don’t let anyone bring you down if you believe they are being too critical. You don’t have to be disabled or challenged to communicate with your art… It’s just a matter of doing it.

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