The Power of Color

One of the main components attracting people to art is color. While I don’t have any scientific facts to prove this statement, I can tell by viewer reactions to my work that it is a truth.

Criticism of my work always terrified me. I was afraid to do anything that wasn’t the accepted practice, such as the grass is green and the sky is blue. Whenever I strayed from that basic “rule”, the questions would come – “why did you do that? What is this part going to be? Is that supposed to be grass?”. I would start to sweat because that meant the person didn’t like what I had done/was doing, or my work wasn’t the way it was “supposed” to look. My whole reason for creating artwork was to make others happy seemingly, and prove that in spite of my physical limitations I could do something substantial that maybe others couldn’t.

As I matured and started to acquire a real style my external shell began to harden a little as well. The thought of living the rest of my life as a people pleaser was not very appealing. My art was boring to me and quite unfulfilling. I had to learn a different way of thinking. Art was pretty much the only thing I could do physically, and I had to alter how I allowed how criticism to affect me. Would I die if someone said something I didn’t like? No. Who was I doing this painting for anyway? I decided I was doing it for me, and if others liked it as well then it’s the icing on the cake.

I started experimenting with pushing different colors in areas they wouldn’t normally exist. For example, when I was working on a dog’s portrait I noticed that the photograph had the typical colors of an animal eye: brown with gold areas around a black pupil and a highlight. I got really tired of black and started using blue instead. Then I added some magenta and sometimes a little orange or green. The results were phenomenal, and I started really enjoying my work, from the beginning process to the completion of another masterpiece.

Try not to let comments from others sabotage your art experience. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your work, because it belongs to you. It’s your expression, your story, and your creation. Be proud of yourself – you deserve it.

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