The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It!

Have you ever tried to create an artwork in a realistic style and it looked really funny? You could get away with saying “well, I meant for it to look that way”, but the difficulties you’re experiencing could very well stem from poor drawing skills.

Most people are usually anxious to add the color to a picture, but not so excited about spending the time to really study the subject and sketch the piece well. The drawing part is crucial to the outcome of your creation. It’s kind of like the skeleton of the whole body/artwork. Unfortunately, if you can’t get the basics down properly on paper, it’s probably not going to look any better even after adding color.

I’ve always been a great proponent of Contour Drawing. The idea of Contour Drawing is literally “to draw the contour” of something by picking out a simple object,  placing your pencil on a piece of paper and slowly moving the pencil as your eyes move over the object. The pencil cannot move unless your eyes are moving. If you really must look at your drawing, the pencil should stop moving. The drawings will come out pretty funny looking at first and perhaps even unrecognizable, but you will start to see progress quickly. A Contour Drawing is not meant to look photorealistic. It is meant to teach you how to look at things.

If you can do a couple of these drawings a day you will train yourself to see details quickly and gain more precision with your artwork. You won’t have to make any more excuses as to why your pictures look weird, and most of all you will be able to create pieces that make you proud.

Go ahead, why don’t you do a couple right now?


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