Everyone loves receiving sweet messages. Terri Ayers with the assistance of her sister, artist Karen Wheeler, offer Custom-made Conversation Teddy Bears that anyone can give to that special person in their life.

Do you have a secret message you want to give to someone you care about? When you purchase a Conversation Teddy Bear, a twin bear will be made and donated to a local charity that serves kids in need. These bears brighten the lives of children who are innocent victims of circumstances beyond their control. They are soft and cuddly and they are happiest when they have little loving arms wrapped around them. All of these adorable, hand-made Teddy Bears are the brainchild of a professional seamstress.

Terri and Karen are sisters by fate and friends by choice, and together they create the most original and unique Teddy Bears on the planet. Learn all about it, here.

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Posted by Icare4you2.com on Sunday, September 20, 2015

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