There are many facets to Artist Karen Wheeler besides art. The fair treatment of others is also close to her heart, especially when it comes to the elderly, children, animals and those with disabilities. As you will find in the writings on this site, Karen shares her experiences and knowledge of life in the disabled community. These writings are meant to assist those with similar life obstacles and to educate those who are not disabled. Through the magic of art and writing, Karen expresses to everyone that anything is possible.

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Bringing the Real World to Dale
It’s the Little Things
Marriage Isn’t for Everyone
The Fate of Little Red Riding Hood
The Fate of Little Red Riding Hood
The Fate of Little Red Riding Hood


  1. David Vaillette says:

    I’m still so proud of you. On my walls I still two of your pictures Tiger Eyes and the picture you did for me, with the rose and the watch. Oh and also the tattoo of the rose on my arm with the eye in it. You’ve done great kid. Again I’m so proud of you

    Love from, ME

  2. Andrew hodge says:

    Amazing Artwork and technique. You are a inspiration, to all.

  3. your art is awesome karen ! and you are awesome too! just an amazing inspiration and a deep and strong motivation, thank you.

  4. Awesome work, Karen! Sure is cool learning about all the stories behind these pieces. Really brings the art to life, for sure. Keep on keepin’ on!

  5. Karen, your art is absolutely incredible!

  6. you are very gifted

  7. That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Be certain to keep writing. ddekafedbekdgkgd

  8. Hi Karen,

    I would love to publish a blog post from you on our new website The site was designed to be a place of community for people that use wheelchairs. Would you be interested?

    Robin Visser

  9. I am counlnuotsiy seeking information that focuses on leadership and coaching. What I have read on this blog thus far has been very informative. I look forward to the new posts.

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